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I was inspired by my blogger friends I am a student just passed my high school this year and doing B. CA. . standards and my brother is an engineer turned a Moulana. And this way I will try to write Islamic reminders. I hope you like it. 



I started blogging because I was fed with stupidity of social media, (*ahem ahem *because of my exams),  

Well, seriously, the content shared on Facebook is mind boggling, nowadays. 

I am not the one to judge anyone but it’s for my own self, I thought to my ownself on the 2017th new year’s eve of modern calender that lets try and shy away from the social media. From virtual people who says anything, sometimes the  cringe level just surpasses the normal human level of digestion, and moreover there are no warning signs too.  

In the midst of our conversation I informed my good old friend Aquib, who told me, “Bro, why don’t you start blogging its a great community of people comprising of great writers, but follow only those or rather read only those who have a sound mind set-up don’t just read any gibberish seven if it’s eloquent.” 

I sushed back, “Bro, blogging, what’s that bird”. (I know but still asked lol) 

“bird, it’s a zoo of healthy minded  people, just remain aloof of weirdos and jerks and perverts ” he said with a tone of sarcasm. (I have no idea what he was telling, though he is sometimes quite protective, but why? Dude!!!). 

(Because they might turn brains into curd or yogurt, whatever you like the most!! ). 

Let’s have a healthy mind, positive without anything extra. 

Let me just summarize our conversation. 

Blogging is productive and improves a great zeal in overall of a person ability to think and reason. 

I write because I want you to read and interact, if I just remain like a cocky self centered and full with pride and arrogance then who will interact and even like it. Think for a while. 

You may say there are  nasty beasts who are perverts and stalker and what not, on the another level. 

C’mon can’t you now distinguish? 

Ones writing reveals everything of a person overall being, it’s there thought coming freshly cooked from the synapses of the brain. What else you require.? 

And don’t be in a race of follower, read those writers who are making sense, and overall their personality is high in terms of integrity. 

I personally don’t what to read about your girlfriend, or your boring musings that is not at all making any kind of sense. Clean up your mind!!! 

There are few cool people who asks for support but literally don’t show their supports to their avid readers. They are total hypocrites. Tell me if they are not! Self centered!!!  they would leave anyone for their own self’s profit. I am not pointing out to any specific gender but it will be quite obvious be it anyone. 

I am not saying to respond to any Tom Dick and Harry, but choose your bloggers whom you wanna read very cautiously, yes I wanna stress that. 

Remember its not about, number of people that matters it’s the quality of writers’ personality and their righteous and true thinking that matters the most. 

Two likes from the people of integrity, authenticity is better that 10000 likes of hypocrites,   fame hungry , sycophant and blabbering attention seeker. 

It’s a simple rule…. Excellence. 

If you are excellent, then you are not the only individual on this planet who writes exceptionally good, so be humble, interacts with other people. 

Some people are envious too, my friends told be ne of his commentors on his site had withdrawn all her likes. Like jealousy to the extreme, even unfollowed him. I mean he told, there are always true people who atleast don’t do these tantrums. Let them burn in their own fire. Can’t help.!!. 

Yeah, don’t forget to remove following of people who absolutely gone insane in spreading their secret agenda of corrupting the young minds.. 


Liebster Award. 

Rukhsaar Khan is the awesome individual to nominate me and thinking me as  eligible enough  to receive it. Much humbled by this, so this is my first award receiving from a blogger with esteemed persona.

I pray to God to save her from the eyes and makr of the evil, that exists in the form of human too. And evil human is more dangerous than the Satan itself. This is what Satan actually does. We should strive to be better than angles, this is what is required from a Muslim, those who submit their will to God, abstaining absolutely from what is haraam and enjoining and rejoicing from the bounties of the Creator who created the heavens and the earth. 

Again a huge thank you to sister in  Rukhsaar Khan..

Here is the link to some my favorite post. All of them are great though. Follow her immediately. 

Hardship, By Rukhsaar Khan

Virtues of Dhul Hijjah, By Rukhsaar khan.

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I will suggest my fellow bloggers to work hard and share a useful content. And connect with people and share ideas in order to gain more knowledge about blogging. And remain away from writers who write for their own agenda to spread corruption in the minds of fellow innocent bloggers, leave them, remove them from the following list. Just don’t look at them.. They are beast garbing under the cloth of Sincerinism.

2# If you were a character in a book, which would be from what book?

I wish to be spider man. And during my childhood days, l let spiders to sting me, lol.

3# Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

I see myself in a professional life with tough routine. Woking hard for my people and a famous writer who is also a practising muslim and a speaker(Same, lol, please don’t mind) .

4# How do you keep youself motivated?

I motivate myself for hard work by thinking of all my dreams and goals that are to be achieved. And learning from people and experiences.(Same here, Copy paste!!! , I hope you don’t have any copy right issues, Right, Khan Sahiba!!! ) 

5# What weird food combination do you really enjoy? 

I like puri with sugar. Really taste good.  Puri those who don’t should Google it right now… Lol.  

My nominations for Liebster Award:

Noor Tahir. Great person I must say. May Allah help her succeed on her exam.

You should read noor’s latest post on Islam… That’s awesome.  

Soiba Tahir. (Are they really sister?) sisters should be friend her immediately.

Aquib from insight. He is awesome. He is my college mate too. Lol, 

Nandita Gupta, recently found her site. She writes superb in English and hindi both. 

The veiled facet. 

That’s it guys 


Reminder #5 God, Atheist conversations. 

In Islam God is called as Allah, ie it’s in Arabic. If you read in the language of Jesus (pbuh), the Christ’s language wasn’t English but Aramaic, he called God as Illah, in sanskrit there is a upnishad named as Allo upnishad, and moreover in Bhagwad puran the name and the characteristic of Muhammad(pbuh)  is explained explicitly and he (pbuh) fulfills the prophecies, he is even prophesied in vedas, he fulfills the prophecy of Kalki, even Jesus (pbuh) prophesied his coming, called him the comforter(which modern day Christian most of them called it as holy Spirit which according to them already existed which again comes back to the fact that the prophecy can only be fulfilled by Muhammad (pbuh))  and in Torah(old testament) , ie, book given to Moses the  name Muhammadim occurs in original text which is translated concocting  its meaning to deluge the masses. Well, truth prevails eventually if you look with the open eyes. 

Since we all know that islam is not a new religion that came into existence 1400 years ago, approximately. It’s there since man first set foot onto this earth. 


Muhammad (pbuh) ie the last and final messenger only came to revive the teachings of Islam, ie even Jesus(pbuh)  said, I have not come to make new teachings but to fulfill the old teachings, in the Gospels in his own time. When he left he told his people to follow him, ie Mohammed (pbuh). 

So  Prophet Muhammad ‘s (pbuh) teaching is meant till eternity, since there would be no true  Prophet  from Allah. And Quran is the final testament to be followed by the humans. And Allah will guard Quran from corruptions as it happened to the previous revelation losing its pristine form. (Allah does not  preserved them) 

Who is, God where is God and all these questions? 

 let us tackle the atheist. 

First, I mean if your logical whatever the atheist are saying nowadays are totally bogged up, it’s so dangerous, i can say.  

According to them there is no proper distinction between  badness or goodness. If they feel it’s right for them, no body has right to question them? Is it.? 

For eg. Stealing, smoking, drinking urine,  I mean their logic is illogical. 

It happened to me with  my roommate who is a atheist. I was offering the Salah. 

His name is Shekhar.

He asked in a very  discerning way.

“Do you believe in God”, 

I said, “yes, I do”. 

“Where is he “. 

I inquired back,”  do you believe in God. ”

” No, don’t have any evidence for it ”

” Well, then Let Allah, give you guidance then “

” Ok, do you believe in self consciousness ”

– yes. 

” Show me the proof that it existed ”

(Actually it just exists) 

*silence *

Do you believe in the big bang.? 

Show me who created the nebula. 



The evidence for a fact can be a logical one, need not to be a physical exposition. 

For eg. The gravity, 

Can you see gravity? 


Can you show it physically no? 


But it existed. 

Do you draw pantings? 


I don’t believe you,  your paintings came into existence by chance phenomenon, those colors flew, and those brushes got mixed together and bam a painting came into existence. 

Can universe just popped up, these constant that we use to solve physics numerals, these assumptions that has no explanations. 

Let us see through probability, (since our maths teacher said, mathematics is the language of nature).  

The probability to reach a book if suppose I pass it to you through infinite hands, is zero. It would never happen. Similarly the chances of this universe to pop up into existence is zero. 

There has to be a planner, who planned all these,who created all these. 

There is a Creator, who creator this nebula, and all mechanics. 

Let us see the complexities of a hearing aid of human, it cannot be through  evolution since evolution is phenomenon occurring due to mutations etc, it cannot produce a thing as complex as the hearing aid of human. 

Professor Keith Moore said in depth knowledge of Science will ultimately make you the believer in God. 

How many gods can be there.?. 


Let us assume there is two god, 

One says, it should rain. 

The other says, no.. 

There would be no absoluteness. 

god can only be one. 

Now it’s attributes. 

He is one and only. 

He is absolute and eternal. 

He begets not(he has no biological son or daughter)  nor he is begotten, (He is un-created) 

There is nothing comparable to him… Quran surah Ikhlaas. 

Ya Allah guide to the Straight path upon which people have gained utmost success not on which your wrath has incurred. 

Islam! The religion of peace. (Part :2)

Source: Islam! The religion of peace. (Part :2)

Allah says in the Glorious Quran Chapter 39 Surah Zumar verses 36-37:

36 Is not Allah enough for His servant? But they try to frighten thee with other (gods) besides him! For such as Allah leaves to stray, there can be no guide.

37 And such as Allah doth guide, there can be none to lead astray! Is not Allah Exalted in Power (able to enforce His Will) Lord of Retribution?

(Verses continues)

Hello my dear brothers and sisters in humanity. I present to you the unequivocal post of Noor Tahir, I must say that she is great as a whole of a person, MashaAllah. May Allah reward her for her efforts it was very unequivocally great post.

Please do support her.

A great reminder not only for muslim but for non-mulsim as well.

Ya Allah guide us to the Straight path.



Reminder # 4 continued 

Have you seen today’s scenario, 

Ever just scathed your eyes around your surroundings, around your own relatives, lets not go too for. 

Treatment of mother is so immodest and in a ill mannered way, that literally a pure heart would try. 

That mother who bore you in your womb for about 9 months and took all the pains,.. 

That mother that took utmost care, care of even at her caring sight to her child, that care she showed all the nights, that care which she chose to sleep on the wet bed and made you sleep on the dry. 

That care when you cried her heart bursted out to make you calm. That milk she feed us, how on earth can we repay those? 

No my dear Brothers and sister, 

Had you disrespected her? 

Had you make her feel the pain, the pain cause by you? 

Had you ever raised your voice? 

And sadly, I have heard. 

Ya Allah ya Allah, save my sight, I would rather choose to die than to think my mother being hurt… 

No Gals and guys. 

Hug your mom, and seek for her repentance. If she is happy Wallahi Allah is happy. 

If she is sad Allah is not happy with you. . 

Gals and guys 

I cannot write more the plight that I had observe. 

There is one story that  of the old father who was sitting bathing the sun and its heat. His son arrived and his father asked pointing towards the crow screaming. 

‘What is it my son ‘

‘ a crow ‘

What is it my son’ 

‘a crow’

‘what is it my son ‘

‘ a crow ‘

His father asked again 

He shouted out, 

‘  Aaaaa crrrrow, can’t you hear it ‘

His father eyes’ were filled with tears. He said  to his son that he asked the same question  repeatedly, uncountable times and he replied everytime,  ‘a crow’ with same love and affection. 

My dear readers just see and observe the nearby. Notice it. You heart would cry. 
Now days after marriage, how can we think of leaving our parents, guys tell me how? 

Our mother of imaan who prayed for us, obviously every now and then, 

For your exams he prayed during the mid night crying for you, 

During the job, during your marriage, for your wife. 

Just enquire, guys. 

May Allah make us the way for her coolness of the eyes. Ya  Allah makes us Muttaqi and help us stead fast in the Deen of Islam, according to Quran and Sahih hadith. Ameen,Ya rabbulalameen.  

Reminder #4 mother. 

I was reading one of my fellow blogger’s ecstatic, reprisals and joyous post about her mother and it kind of propelled some electrical signal in my brain to write about Mother’s status in Islam. 

In the light of Quran and sahih hadith InshaAllah . 

To start with; mother’s have immense status in Islam it’s emphasized when Allah said in the Quran to worship Him alone  and  be kind to your parents  and do not even utter the word uff  to them. 

And We have enjoined man in respect of his parents– his mother bears him with faintings upon faintings and his weaning takes two years– saying: Be grateful to Me and to both your parents; to Me is the eventual coming. And if they contend with you that you should associate with Me what you have no knowledge of, do not obey them, and keep company with them in this world kindly…”(The Quran, 31:14-15)

“And your Lord has commanded that you shall not serve any but Him and goodness to your parents.”(The Quran, 17:23)

Notice emphasis just, Allah just after stating his Only service he commanded us  be kind to the parents. 

Our Nabi (saw)  emphasised on the fact explicitly that  beneath the feet of our mother lies the Jannat, Allah huakbar and the sand or soil beneath the our mothers feet is the soil of paradise. 

Such is the status of mother in Islam,  so high!.  A true believer, a Muslim won’t ever think of talking in a loud tone let alone disrespecting her, she /he won’t ever think of that. Allah Huakbar. 

Blessed are those Muslim who shows utmost love to his/her mother and  become the coolness of her eyes. 

May Allah make us the way for her coolnees of the eyes. Ameen

My dear bothers and sisters dont get the ‘baddua’  of the mother’s,  it’s so implicit. Although it happens in a very  rarest of rare case .

 One of the godly man  had received it, who was very righteous and he was so intense in worship of Allah that he confined himself to room he constructed on the mountains.

 One day  he did not comply to his mother’s continued beckoning and remained unheard of her continued calls, she cursed him getting irritated by his unresponsiveness, since he was praying remained unheard of anything , that one day he would face defamation  and later it  did come into  affect, Allah being merciful ultimately saved him from the blot he received of a child which a lady wrongly imposed on her accusing him of being the father, diminishing his dignity in front of all eventually Allah saved him giving the child the speech to testify his innocence. 

One thing more to be noted that i Allah always save his/her friends and guys who are the friends of Allah? . 

As Allah said in the Quran  the muttaqi people, Are the Wali Allah, ie, those who have clapsed tightly the rope of Allah and following the teachings of the Beloved and the greatest Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) . 

So, whatever the hardship is Allah will surely help explicitly. All we need to have is the Taqwa. 

May Allah make muttaqi. Ameen. 

In one narration  a man was on the verge of dying his soul was about to leave the body he was aching excruciatingly with the pain of dying but his soul was stucked in him, causing him immense pain. Our Prophet (Pbuh) then was called and he immediately told his companions to seek for his mother. 

Aap(Pbuh)  was told that he caused heartbreaks to his mother and that his mother ain’t happy with him, Aap(saw) requested his mother to forgive so that his soul can leave but his mother denied saying that he caused him the extreme Heartbreak. Our Prophet (saw) fathoming  the heart of the mother ordered to burn him in front of his mother so that his soul could leave, his mother retaliated and forgave him eventually and as soon as she forgave he died peacefully. 

Mother’s status are elevated to highest of the zenith  among mortals in Islam. 

The mothers prayer for a child is heard by Allah and granted. So get as many dua from our parents esp the mothers.

Some very  important points that need to be emphasised here again. 

Heaven lies beneath the feet of mothers”. (Prophet of Islam)

“To look affectionately and kindly at one’s father and mother is devotion.”(Prophet of slam)

“God’s satisfaction lies in the consent of parents, and His wrath in their wrath.” (Prophet of Islam)

“If you wish God to grant you a long life, make your parents happy.” (Imam Sadiq)

“Heaven lies beneath the feet of mothers.”.

Doing the khidmat(serving)  of out mother is the kind of Jihad (Jihad literally means struggle) and one receives utmost blessing. 

A man came to the Noble Prophet of Islam, saying: “O, prophet of God! I am young and vigorous, and ready for action and service, and wish to go to the battle-front for the advancement of Islam, but my mother does not let me leave her and go to war.”

The Noble Prophet ·said: “Go and stay with your mother. I swear to the God Who chose me as prophet that the spiritual reward which you receive for serving her even one night and making her happy with your presence, is greater than a one-year long holy war.”

Who will lose this  opportunity of getting blessing in manifold amounts by serving our mothers? Our source of getting in the jannah is right at our home ie our mother, how can a Muslim think of disrespecting his/her mother?… If he/she, he/she is being ignorant and vacuous. 

Today’s general scenario, have you ever noticed it? 

I will InshaAllah continue this in the next post not making it too to be read properly, you know. . 

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