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I was inspired by my blogger friends I am a student just passed my high school this year and doing B. CA. . standards and my brother is an engineer turned a Moulana. And this way I will try to write Islamic reminders. I hope you like it. 


Reminder #9 Tawheed

Disclaimer : I am not a scholar of Islam. Just a seeker a divine knowledge. I pray to the Almighty to guide us all to his Deen Which is Al Haq. Deen I ilahi ie Islam.

That reminded me of the hidith of Allah’s beloved Prophet His Habib, Janab Mohammed Rasool Allah (Saw), he said that a time will come that following and steadfastness to Deen of Allah that he brought would be as difficult as walking with a burning read charcoal on one’s hand.

May Allah bless us with us deen. 

And truly those whom Allah misguide can never be on the straight path. May Allah save us from the people who are utterly misguided and a transgressing like an angry bull. 

Coming to topic Tawheed.

We all know what it means, Tawheed is the first and foremost pillar of Islam.

The Prophet Noah(pbuh) preached the same Tawheed for about 950 years, but people of Noah denied utterly and used to mock and bent on with pagan worship.

The Prophet Moses (pbuh) came to pharaoh and said worship Illah, in Hebrew, if you want to know why we Muslims call Allah as in the Arabic Allah watch this video, not by a Muslims but a jew.

God thy lord is one, it’s imprinted in the book of Torah. Ie old testament. 

But people went against the majority went against him  caused him harm, made him leave his hometown. 

Prophet Jesus ie Isa ibn Maryam (pbuh), the the same message, he said in the Gospel of Matthew in his direct speech. 

Think not that I am come to destroy the law, or the prophets: I am not come to destroy, but to fulfil.” 5:15

But people of Isreal went against him denied his words and harmed him. 

Then the last and final Prophet Muhammad pbuh with same clear message but people went against him, caused him harm and consigned him and rebuked him with names they were the se people who used to consider him the truthful the just but the moment he said that the people should come to the worship of The Almighty alone  they went berserk and tortured him, he was also not expecting these in the Hadith that people would go to this extreme that many a times his life was in danger. But all this for the message of Tawheed he gave. 

My dear reader realize the Tawheed don’t utter shirk. Shirk billah is gunaah e azeem and would not be forgiven if you die in the state of shirk.. Wallahi my dear readers I am not so eloquent but all I want to say come and grab to rope of the Creator one true God.

May Allah forgive our mistakes. JazakAllah khair. 


I started blogging because I was fed with stupidity of social media, (*ahem ahem *because of my exams),  

Well, seriously, the content shared on Facebook is mind boggling, nowadays. 

I am not the one to judge anyone but it’s for my own self, I thought to my ownself on the 2017th new year’s eve of modern calender that lets try and shy away from the social media. From virtual people who says anything, sometimes the  cringe level just surpasses the normal human level of digestion, and moreover there are no warning signs too.  

In the midst of our conversation I informed my good old friend Aquib, who told me, “Bro, why don’t you start blogging its a great community of people comprising of great writers, but follow only those or rather read only those who have a sound mind set-up don’t just read any gibberish seven if it’s eloquent.” 

I sushed back, “Bro, blogging, what’s that bird”. (I know but still asked lol) 

“bird, it’s a zoo of healthy minded  people, just remain aloof of weirdos and jerks and perverts ” he said with a tone of sarcasm. (I have no idea what he was telling, though he is sometimes quite protective, but why? Dude!!!). 

(Because they might turn brains into curd or yogurt, whatever you like the most!! ). 

Let’s have a healthy mind, positive without anything extra. 

Let me just summarize our conversation. 

Blogging is productive and improves a great zeal in overall of a person ability to think and reason. 

I write because I want you to read and interact, if I just remain like a cocky self centered and full with pride and arrogance then who will interact and even like it. Think for a while. 

You may say there are  nasty beasts who are perverts and stalker and what not, on the another level. 

C’mon can’t you now distinguish? 

Ones writing reveals everything of a person overall being, it’s there thought coming freshly cooked from the synapses of the brain. What else you require.? 

And don’t be in a race of follower, read those writers who are making sense, and overall their personality is high in terms of integrity. 

I personally don’t what to read about your girlfriend, or your boring musings that is not at all making any kind of sense. Clean up your mind!!! 

There are few cool people who asks for support but literally don’t show their supports to their avid readers. They are total hypocrites. Tell me if they are not! Self centered!!!  they would leave anyone for their own self’s profit. I am not pointing out to any specific gender but it will be quite obvious be it anyone. 

I am not saying to respond to any Tom Dick and Harry, but choose your bloggers whom you wanna read very cautiously, yes I wanna stress that. 

Remember its not about, number of people that matters it’s the quality of writers’ personality and their righteous and true thinking that matters the most. 

Two likes from the people of integrity, authenticity is better that 10000 likes of hypocrites,   fame hungry , sycophant and blabbering attention seeker. 

It’s a simple rule…. Excellence. 

If you are excellent, then you are not the only individual on this planet who writes exceptionally good, so be humble, interacts with other people. 

Some people are envious too, my friends told be ne of his commentors on his site had withdrawn all her likes. Like jealousy to the extreme, even unfollowed him. I mean he told, there are always true people who atleast don’t do these tantrums. Let them burn in their own fire. Can’t help.!!. 

Yeah, don’t forget to remove following of people who absolutely gone insane in spreading their secret agenda of corrupting the young minds.. 


Reminder #8. Conduct 

You may be wondering about the meaning of the Arabic word  ‘Muslim’ , (if you are not acquainted with the meaning of the Arabic word Muslim,) 

It means a person who submit his/her will to the Almighty God, the Creator of this heaven and the earth.

And the word Islam means; submissions to The will of God.

What is the will of God?

It is the message the Prophets conveyed. One basic or the most fundamental message that all the Prophet of God gave is,

That  God, the Master, the Creator of this heaven the sky, the incricate human body, the physical constant, the mechanism all and this universe, That lord thy lord God is one and only, each human is required to worship him alone and as his creation we are obliged  submit to him him, therefore as we His creation we are born already a Muslim, submitter of our will to him. 

Allah gave us human the total of Asraful makhlokaat ie the best of his creation and gave us the free will, unlike the Angels to either obey or disobey him. AND ALLAH KNOWS THE BEST. 

He is most powerful and do not require medium, He can distinguish each one of us, He is as near as the Jugular VEIN. can you imaging His might, No readers NO! HE is the Almighty. 

He does not require intercession. 

He says in Quran, He listen to the call of THE Caller, and fulfills it, we are not ‘a’ but ‘the’  to him. (Quran Surah 2 verses 150 onwards, For commentary on it, The Ulema or the scholar can throw more light).

Just having an Arabic name cannot mean he/she is a practicing Muslim.

I cannot judge you know, obviously. 

But nowadays I am observing certain traits among person who has Muslim name. 

Let’s address it point  wise. 

  1. Abuses, readers what can I tell more of this, it’s so apparent. 
  2. Obscenity to the extreme. 
  3. Cat calling the sisters. 
  4. Promoting the culture of vulgarism, and obscenities among youth. 
  5. Not respecting their own parents. 
  6. Raising voice in conversations with their own  parents.

To be continued

Reminder #7 Charity. 

I am very thankful to the veiled facet for asking me this question and showing the interest for updating her spectrum of knowledge. She is an inspiring writer, a superb painter Complementing Picasso, I can say that for stressing it and a poetess. May Allah bless her with more. Ameen.

She asked about donations in Islam that is the charity. 

I want to stress the fact that Charity is very significant, so much so that it forms the 5th pillar of Islam.

Obviously the rich and the affluent who has crossed the said nisaab level are entitled to it. And for down trodden, poor, deprived they receive it. 

I would not elaborate every details just scathe the surface of it. 

Zakaat is the term used and its implanted yearly, in the month of Ramadan and its obligatory for the entitled or eligible Muslim to give 2.5% of jits yearly saving or wealth  to the under privileged, poor or fakor, miskeen etc. 

It is distributed in the following obligatory order. 

1. Among relatives.

2. Among neighborhoods.

3. Then other people who does not belong to the other category.
Two major terms that should be noted here are:

1. Fitra 

2. Sadqah
 Sadaqah is optional charity that can be given at any time to any destitute or any righteous course.

Fitrah is approx. 3.2 kg of grains, such as wheat etc. or its equivalent in cash that is given to a poor Muslim at the end of Ramadhaan.

 So, we all can give sadaqah and fitra and its the great opportunity in this duniya to give sadka and fitra for Allah’s swaab ie blessing. 

People give sadaqah,  for their misdeeds and repentance, for better results etc. For plethora of things. Which should be jayez, obviously. 


Those Muslims who do not take out their zakat for distribution they are ignorant and they themselves  are eclipsing  from the blessings of Allah in the glorious month of Ramadan. 

A month for becoming better the angels, 

A month in which Allah opens his door of bounties and awaits His servants to ask. 

A month in which Quran was revealed in the lailatul Qadr.

A month of gaining Taqwa, as Allah said in the Quran. 

And this is the overall aim of month of Ramadan and aim of fasting in the month of Ramadan, that is to attain, Taqwa (God consciousness and Piety etc) .(InshaAllah would write more about it). 


Our Nabi ie the last and  final Prophet  Mohammed  (pbuh), said  that towards the day of Qiyamah, ie the akhirah, (towards!, I mean,  a period of very long time), it’s also one of the signs that our Prophet (Pbuh) prophecised, that people would roam and wander with their zakat ie charity but there would be none to receive it… 

So,  how can a person be so foolish to cut down their zakat, in front of Allah!!! 


Are those that foolish to ignore the fact that they can hide form Allah?. 

Nothing remains hidden from  Allah. 

So, yeah, give the prescribed amount in the zakat, Atleast!  you can give more than that  to the needy, obviously. 

Give sadaqah it helps a lot. 

The Ansars at the time of the Prophet (Pbuh) used to give in manifold amount. 

And imagine if this rule is implemented in India.. 

 Imagine ratan Tata giving charity of his overall saving yearly, ie 2.5% of it to the poor. 

IMAGINE same for the Birla, the Ambanis, where would the poverty go. It would be eradicate. 

Islam is the solution for the humanity’s problem a practical solution. 

I seek forgiveness for any kind of mistakes I commit to Allah. And pray to guide us always to the straight path upon which people have gained utmost success not on which His wrath had incurred. 

Let us come together. . 

Aslamalikum readers. 

I am seeing many writers are disjointed and don’t share any relation of brothers and sisters type bonds.

It’s actually very productive and efficient and overall improve one’s personality, let us come to common platform and share ideas and feedbacks. 

Actually I am naive and amateur in writing and reaching out to everyone with a sound and logical mind is quite difficult.

So, I thought many of my readers are great writers like esp new bloggers who writes in the shadow of the faith ie Islam, which means submitting your will to God for acquiring peace. 

Whoever, like to join on this journey can join…

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